August 27, 2013

Fall Essentials
My biggest pet peeve when it comes to shopping is buying a piece and wearing it only once. We've all had that moment where we just HAD to have that super cute high-low chiffon dress in blue. Two weeks later we realize high-low hems are dead and hate the poor dress. With the new cool season rolling in to the north, it is wise to make sure you have the basics down first. Basics, that we can wear repeatedly and mix in seamlessly with whatever other craziness we are into at the moment. Designer jerseys anyone?

Not only will having these essentials save you dollars but you will also have less "nothing to wear" episodes. I wrote more tips on ways to prevent these mini crises over at Gozamos.  

Chances are you already have many of these from previous fall seasons, so be sure to check them off your fall shopping list! Here is a past "outfit of the day" made up of fall basics.

Because basics get a lot of love, it can be wise to invest in some pieces. I've added save and splurge options, so you be the judge!

Click through for the checklist

Black (p)leather circle skirt (Similar here and here)
Denim Jacket (Similar here and here)
Wide brimmed hat (Similar here and here)
Striped Shirt (Similar here and here)
White Blouse (Similar here and here )
Trainers (Similar here and here)
(P)leather Pants (Similar here and here)
Converse classics (here)
Black Shopper (Similar here and here)
Grey Shorts (Similar here)
Leather Moto (Similar here and here)
Black Sunglasses (Similar here and here)
Black bra (Similar here and here)
Black tank (Similar here and here)
Denim Shirt (Similar here and here)
Black Jeans (Similar here and here)
Black beanie
Leather shorts (Similar here and here)
Boyfriend Jeans (Similar here and here)
Black Boots (Similar here and here)

Here's to making getting dressed easier every morning!

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